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2023 Amended Rules for NC General Contractors

On January 1, 2023, the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors amended several rules governing the licensing and classification of contractors in the state.

These amendments, which are contained in 21 NCAC 12A and 12B, aim to update and clarify the requirements for contractors in North Carolina.

21 NCAC 12A .0202 – Classification

One significant change involves the classification of contractors. Solar panel installations have been added to the work included in the Building and Residential contractor license classifications. In addition, demolition has been added to the Highway and Public Utilities license classifications, as well as the specialty contractor license classifications of Communications, Water and Sewer Lines, Water Purification and Sewage Disposal, Marine and Freshwater Construction, and Railroad Construction.

Another change involves the Electrical-Ahead of Point of Delivery specialty classification, which has been expanded to include solar array construction. The Swimming Pool specialty classification has also been amended to include fiberglass, metal walled with liner, and steel walled with liner as swimming pool construction methods.

21 NCAC 12A .0303 – Application for Licensure

In addition to these classification changes, the rules have also been amended to define the Qualifier, an applicant named in the application for licensure, as subject to a criminal background check requirement for any new license application. This is in line with the board's efforts to ensure the integrity and professionalism of contractors in the state.

21 NCAC 12B .0201 – Application for Initial Approval of Continuing Education Provider

Finally, the rules have been amended to require that approved continuing education providers be included in all advertising materials when courses are being hosted or advertised by a third-party vendor. This ensures that contractors are aware of the approved providers and can make informed decisions about their continuing education needs.

Overall, these amended rules aim to modernize and streamline the licensing and classification process for contractors in North Carolina, while also ensuring that contractors are qualified and adhere to professional standards.

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