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5 Ways to Get More Seller Leads

Are you struggling to find real estate seller leads? You’re not alone! Finding sellers, especially in the current market where buyers are lining up for each house that comes on the market, can be challenging. However, there are some strategic ways that may help you get more seller leads.

Use a home valuation landing page

People who are even just thinking about possibly selling in the future are always interested to know what their homes are worth. By creating a landing page where potential sellers can input their address and find out an estimate of what their home is worth, you can have your leads come to you.

Of course, you will need to find ways to market this page. The most effective way is through social media, whether organic or paid ads. If you’re not savvy with digital marketing or creating landing pages, there may be a bit of a learning curve here, or you may need to invest in someone who can help you. Either way, having a home valuation landing page can bring in plenty of leads.

Treat every appointment as an opportunity

Any good agent treats every appointment as an opportunity, but are you putting your all into every appointment? Even appointments for lower-priced rentals can turn into opportunities if those renters are looking to sell or know someone who is. Going above and beyond, especially in appointments where people least expect it, leaves a lasting impression and is the best way to get word-of-mouth referrals. While they may not pay off immediately, treating each client as a million-dollar client will likely get you some seller leads down the line.

Be a local expert

When you position yourself as a local expert and show that you are there to help people, they’ll take notice. Whether you’ve created a social media account for your area, sharing local events, local businesses, etc. or you decide to participate in other ways, proving yourself as someone trustworthy who can provide information and advice for locals goes a long way in building trust. The people who know and trust you for local information and recommendations are also likely to think of you when it comes time to sell.

Call FSBO and expired listings

Although it would be nice if real estate seller leads just fell into our laps naturally, the reality is there are times where you have to go out there and get them yourself. This is why calling FSBO and expired listings can be a great way to acquire seller leads, just make sure they aren’t on the Do-Not-Call List.

Just picking up the phone and talking to people who are already selling their homes allows you to build trust and communication with people already looking to sell. While many people don’t like cold calling, it’s the best kind of cold calling: sellers who are already putting their homes on the market. Even if they are determined to do it themselves, or if their listing expired without much activity, sometimes they just need the right agent on their side to get the job done.

Participate in local Facebook groups

Local Facebook groups are a genius way to get real estate seller leads. Most cities have multiple groups for selling and buying, mom groups, local news groups, etc. Even though none of these are specifically geared towards real estate, being present and helpful in these groups can get you leads when someone inevitably asks for recommendations when they’re ready to sell their home. In particularly busy Facebook groups, you can simply search related words like “home,” “house,” or “real estate” to find people who are asking questions about real estate. Keep in mind that even if the original poster isn’t looking to sell, providing your knowledge and insight in the comments can catch the attention of anyone else who might be.

Finding real estate seller leads may be one of the most challenging parts of being an agent. However, using a combination of the tips above will help you generate more leads. In the end, it’s a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more leads you can get.

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