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All NCREC Licenses Must Be Renewed by 11:59PM 6/30/22

Have you renewed your license yet? If so, congratulations, this reminder will not apply to you!

If not, per NCREC compliance regulations, ALL licenses must be renewed by 11:59 pm tonight, 30 June 2022. Failure to do so will cause your license to expire and be deactivated at 12:01AM on 1 July 2022. Take a moment to confirm that you have submitted your renewal application and $45 payment, and make sure that your license isn’t left behind!

License renewal is NOT an automatic process. If you have completed your required CE hours for the year, you will still need to complete your application and renew your license.

Missed a class or two? You are still required to complete and submit your license renewal every year. As long as you renew, we can help you get your license reactivated, even if you missed the CE Deadline. Failure to renew will result in your license expiring, without exception. Per the NCREC, should your license expire you will have to immediately cease all brokerage activities as of 12:01 AM on Friday, 1 July 2022.

An expired license is even more frustrating than expired milk, and far more complicated to remedy. Should your license not be renewed by 11:59 PM today, you will have to shoulder the financial and procedural burden of having your license reinstated. For example, per NCREC Rule 58A .0505 found on

To reinstate a license expired for less than six (6) months

  1. Go to the Commission’s homepage (

  2. Click on Reinstate your license;

  3. Enter your license number and PIN (the default PIN is the last four digits of your SSN, unless you have otherwise changed your PIN)

  4. Answer the required questions

  5. Pay the $90 reinstatement fee

NOTE: To regain active status, a License Activation/Affiliation form (REC 2.08) must also be completed and submitted

To reinstate a license expired for longer than six (6) months but less than two (2) years:

To reinstate a license expired for more than two (2) years:

Sounds complicated and time-consuming? You’re not wrong, and the alternative is quite simple!

Even if you did not complete your required CE, simply log into your NCREC record on, complete your renewal application and submit your $45 payment by 11:59 tonight. If time is money, making sure to do so today will save you a lot of both! (Remember, NCREC Rule 58A .0503 requires that all license renewals be completed online ONLY.)

If you have any questions, or cannot remember if you’ve already completed your license renewal, log into your NCREC account and double-check, or reach out to the NCREC at (919) 875-3700 for assistance.

Missed the CE Deadline or eager to finish this year's classes early?

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