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BREAKING: NCDOI Rejects Proposed 42.2% Homeowners Insurance Rate Hike in North Carolina

In a significant development that has caught the attention of homeowners and real estate professionals across North Carolina, Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has taken a firm stance against the proposed homeowners insurance rate increase, advocating for fairness and evidence-based decision-making.

A Resounding "No" to Exorbitant Increases

Commissioner Causey's decision to reject the average 42.2% rate hike proposed by insurance companies marks a pivotal moment for North Carolina residents. This proposed increase, which varied dramatically across different regions, from a modest 4.3% in some mountain counties to a staggering 99.4% in certain beach areas, had the potential to place a substantial financial burden on homeowners. The Commissioner's stance reflects a dedication to protecting consumers from undue financial strain and emphasizes the importance of a thorough review process in rate-setting endeavors.

Public Voice: A Catalyst for Review

The overwhelming public response to the call for comments on the proposed rate hikes—over 24,000 emailed comments, numerous mailed responses, and vocal opposition in a public forum—highlights the community's significant concern and involvement in this issue. This extensive public engagement played a crucial role in the decision to demand a more comprehensive examination of the proposed increases, showcasing the power of collective voice in influencing policy decisions.

The Path Forward: Hearings and Deliberations

With a hearing scheduled for October 7, the dialogue between insurance companies, regulatory authorities, and the public is set to continue. This hearing represents a crucial step in the process, with the outcome likely to have lasting implications for the state's insurance landscape. Stakeholders across the board, especially those within the real estate sector, are encouraged to stay abreast of developments as they unfold.

Implications for the Real Estate Sector

For real estate professionals and homeowners alike, the ongoing discussions and forthcoming decisions on homeowners insurance rates in North Carolina are of utmost significance. The final outcome will not only affect individual financial planning but also influence the broader housing market dynamics within the state. As such, staying informed and engaged in this process is essential for all those impacted.

In conclusion, Commissioner Causey's rejection of the proposed insurance rate hikes underscores a commitment to fairness and transparency, setting the stage for further deliberations that will shape the future of homeowners insurance in North Carolina.

What do you think will be the final outcome of the hearing? Let us know in the comments or share with a colleague in an upcoming CE class!


North Carolina Department of Insurance. (2024, February 6). Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey rejects insurance companies’ average 42.2% rate hike request. Press Release.

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