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North Carolina Real Estate Broker

Post Licensing Education Program

you must complete all three (3) Post Licensing courses within eighteen (18) months of receiving your Provisional Broker license or your license will become inactive

Required Courses

Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (Post 301)

Contracts and Closing (Post 302)

NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts (Post 303)

(these classes can be taken in any order)

Final Examinations & Course Completion Standards

Each course will have a virtually proctored closed-book final exam. Students must score a 75 or better on the final examination to receive credit for the course. Students are required to complete all course activities and assignments.

Financial Aid

we offer financial aid for our Pre and Post Licensing courses through Shop Pay Installments. please contact the school for more information.

Required Textbook

the required textbook for Self Paced Post Licensing Courses is the current edition of the North Carolina Real Estate Manual. the same textbook is required for all three (3) Post Licensing Courses so it only needs to be purchased once. links to purchase can be found below:


Self Paced Online

Post Licensing Classes

$245 $199

these courses are self-paced with quizzes throughout. you will have 180 days to complete the course.

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Knock out all your Post Classes at your convenience. Work on the class when you have time. You could do 5 minutes on a Monday or a marathon on the weekend. Your options are endless.

at Skyline, Self Paced doesn't mean you're on your own

you can get your questions answered at any time on our Forum.

$735 $575 Self Paced Post Licensing Bundle
save $160 by signing up for all 3 classes at the same time

Live Online Post Licensing Classes


$225 $195

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