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Checking Your Continuing Education (CE) Record

The NC Real Estate Commission (NCREC) has published a helpful video that explains how licensees can check their education records to see what Continuing Education (CE) classes they have completed.

This is crucial for ensuring compliance with annual CE requirements. While it is the responsibility of Education Providers to report your CE completion to the NCREC, you should still check your licensee Education Record to ensure accurate reporting. If you notice any discrepancy in your Education Record, contact the Education Provider directly to resolve the issue. Please note that it may take the NCREC up to ten business days to update your education record following course completion.

How to Check Your CE Education Record

Annual CE Requirements for Licensees

Licensees must complete 8 hours of CE each year:

  • 4 Hours of Update: This includes current industry practices and regulatory changes. Provisional and Non-Provisional brokers must complete the General Update (GENUP), while Broker-in-Charge (BIC) and BIC Eligible Brokers must complete the BIC Update (BICUP).

  • 4 Hours of Elective: These can be chosen from various approved courses.

Addressing CE Deficiencies

If you find a CE deficiency after checking your record, it may be because you missed the CE deadline. Don't worry; we offer all the necessary classes to help you reactivate your license.

Please refer to our comprehensive guide for detailed instructions on addressing missed CE deadlines.


North Carolina Real Estate Commission."How to Check Your CE Record." June 2024 North Carolina Real Estate Commission Bulletin.

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