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How to Buy Shares of Rental Properties like Stocks

Searching for an investment opportunity, with a buy-in as low as $100, that can generate passive income? Your moment has Arrived!

The Platform

Arrived Homes is the first of its kind, offering a simple way for anyone to invest in shares of real properties. The investment property crowdfunding company was founded with the mission of “...helping anyone in America build wealth through property ownership and modern real estate investing.” and backed by investors like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Marc Beniof (Time Ventures), Spencer RascofF (former CEO of Zillow), the founders of Warby Parker, Harry’s, and Allbirds, Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Uber). Arrived has worked to make property ownership and investment attainable to all, and not just the elite. Per their press release, “Arrived achieved massive growth in 2022, having funded over $50M in property value across +150 properties in the last year. Arrived now possesses over 100K users subscribed to the platform and has recently hit a $100M run rate.”

How it Works

With a simple sign-up process and flexible minimums for investment, in only 4-minutes and with as little as $100 both accredited and non-accredited investors alike can place their funds in properties that have been hand-picked for their earning potential. The first company of its kind, thus far Arrived has purchased and maintains rental properties in 17 cities, and across seven states including Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee, & Georgia. If you can order a book on Amazon, you can invest with Arrived.

With talks of a looming recession and rising inflation, investors are trending away from the volatility of the stock market and towards real estate. Financiers are less willing to take big chances with their funds, and are instead turning to stakes that are historically far more dependable and reliable in generating returns. With the proven potential for property to appreciate consistently and reliably over time, who wouldn’t want to place their hard-earned money in a proven entity? According to the Arrived website, “Investing in single family rental properties has actually outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 20 years (11.7% annual returns versus 9.4%), making rental homes one of the best long-term investments.”

With all management, maintenance, and operation of the properties being included in your Arrived share purchase, the security of real estate investment, and a passive income coming your way, who wouldn’t want to become a part of this market revolution? Click the button below to get started and get ready to let everyone know that you have finally Arrived.

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