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How to Market Yourself In a Pandemic: A Guide for Real Estate Agents

The pandemic has changed the way we do business, and with no clear end in sight, businesses need to adapt how they operate. Real estate has always been a very personal business; most clients want to see properties in person and build a relationship with their realtor. However, at the moment for safety reasons, that is not as easy as it once was. Here are some alternative ways you can market yourself through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Check in With Past and Current Clients

Everyone is dealing with a lot at the moment. People may have lost loved ones, they may have lost jobs, businesses, be struggling to home school their children, or they may even just be scared. Send your clients genuine, individualized emails or phone calls to see how they and their family are handling the pandemic and if there is any way for you to help. If you have the marketing budget, you could offer to send a small grocery pack from local businesses.

Build Community in Your Area

People will take note of how you reacted during the pandemic. Businesses who looked after their employees and community will thrive once things get back to normal. You should serve your community in a way that makes sense for you. It might be offering to do grocery runs for some of the elderly people in your neighborhood, or you might make masks in your spare time and drop them off with a handwritten note, you might even use the spare time to volunteer for a charity. Do what works for you and remember to stay safe.

Show Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Write social media posts, blogs, or even record video messages to keep in contact with clients and build a following. Don’t be afraid to address the Covid-19 pandemic and your concerns for your loved ones and life as we know it. However, do not make things political, panicky, and do not blame or shame anyone. Feel free to record video messages and laugh about the fact that you are only dressed for business from the waist up. Release videos where you learn how to make masks or laugh about a lack of toilet paper. People want to see the real you through this pandemic.

Share How You Are Using the Time to Upskill

Many people are using their lockdown time to learn new skills or embark on new career paths. Share with your following that you are doing the same and how this will help you serve them better in the future. You could take a real estate education course and specialize in a certain field or learn how to grow your business from a real estate titan. Taking online classes with a quality real estate education provider is a way to boost your credibility. Share your journey with your following to inspire them to keep their minds active.

Share How You Are Putting Staff and Client Safety First

Perhaps most importantly, share what safety measures you have in place to protect clients and your employees. If clients want to view a property, what sanitation procedures do you follow, and what PPE will you wear and provide? Create clear policies and share them so clients can be reassured that you care about their health and wellbeing. If you are regularly getting tested, share your test results with potential clients to put them at ease.

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