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NC Home Featured on Viral 'Zillow Gone Wild'

In the bustling realm of real estate, every agent knows that finding a property with a unique selling proposition is like striking gold.

It's the quirky features that often have people talking, sharing, and inevitably, knocking on the door with an offer in hand. Recently, a home in Raleigh took the whimsy up a notch by showcasing a feature most of us would never have fathomed—a full-sized pool right in the foyer! This splashy entrance made waves online, gaining viral fame on the Instagram account, "Zillow Gone Wild."

Image Source: Zillow

Situated at 7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, this exceptional home rests on a generous 2.55-acre lot adjacent to the serene Umstead Park. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a pool that makes a statement louder than any luxurious chandelier or grand staircase ever could. This house, spanning a comfy 3,576 square feet, veers off the beaten path, offering a glimpse into the imaginative possibilities that lie in real estate.

Now, let's wade into some public reactions that this aquatic allure has garnered. On Instagram, the comments section was bubbling with humor and awe:

Samir: "All I can say for this is two words: pool foyer"
Out_sound: "Got that 1990 Midwestern Sheraton Hotel Interior Design."
beans_eye_view: "I know EXACTLY how this house smells."
loosterlu: "explorer's trail" thanks but I've had enough

The house, listed by Marti Hampton and Desiree White of EXP Realty, is now "Under Contract." This reflects not just the buyer's willingness to dive into unconventional living but also the endless scope of creativity in the real estate domain. It’s a living, breathing (or should we say, swimming?) testament to the boundless potential that a property can hold, given the right vision.

But the house isn’t just about making a splash. It’s a treasure trove of features waiting to be explored. From a horse barn with 4 stalls to a gazebo overlooking meticulously landscaped gardens, it's a dream dwelling for those with a taste for the eclectic.

On Facebook, the property also received a ripple of remarks that echoed the sentiment of intrigue and amusement:

Kimberly Baer Hunter: "I would love to tour this place in person. An entertainer's dream. Definitely needs a decorator’s touch."
Rose Ewing: "I actually like it. Looks like a great family home"
Melinda Maynard Fritsch: "It certainly is unique"

As real estate aficionados, the Raleigh pool house serves as a reminder of the myriad architectural wonders waiting to be discovered, and the limitless potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, the next time you stumble upon a property that’s a little left of center, remember, it might just be the next viral sensation swimming in the vast ocean of real estate!

What's the most unique feature you have ever seen in a home? Let us know in the comments below or share with a colleague in an upcoming CE Class!

Trademark Disclaimer:

The mention of "Zillow" and "Zillow Gone Wild" in this article is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. There is no intention of infringing upon the trademarks owned by Zillow Group, Inc.


Zillow Listing: 7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

Facebook Post: Zillow Gone Wild - Facebook

Instagram Post: Zillow Gone Wild - Instagram

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