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Need a closing? Read this article.

In the world of real estate, sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we'd like them to.

In these moments of uncertainty, it's crucial to have a supportive community to lean on for advice and encouragement. The Real Estate Mastermind Facebook group is one such space where agents can share their experiences, ask questions, and help one another navigate the challenges of the industry. Recently, an anonymous post caught our attention, and the responses it received offer valuable insight for real estate agents in need of a boost.

The Post

An anonymous real estate agent shared their struggle in the group, stating:

Okay guys give it to me. I need a closing. If I can't get a deal done, I'm calling it quits. Point me in the right direction.

The Top Comments

The top comments provided various approaches to help get the agent back on track:

Kathy Griffith's Approach: Smile and Dial

Kathy's suggestion is simple yet effective:

Smile and dial! Pick up the phone and make 100 calls a day. It can be done and you ARE just the person to do it 🏆.

This approach relies on sheer determination and persistence, reminding agents that sometimes, hard work and dedication are all it takes to land a deal.

Matthew Jones' Advice: Disrupt the Market

Matthew encourages agents to think creatively and stand out from their competitors. He says,

You have to get out there and find your business. Be aggressive, be bold, be different than every other agent in your market. Try your best to 'disrupt' the market. Give a portion of your % to charity, give first responders and such a discount on their listing fees, ride around and find FSBO signs, and knock on their door.

By offering unique services or discounts and targeting FSBO (For Sale by Owner) properties, agents can create their own opportunities in the real estate market.

Dylcia Cornelious' Humorous Take: Plan a Vacation!

Dylcia's advice adds a touch of humor and an old wives' tale for real estate agents:

Plan a vacation, guaranteed, you will get business either just before you leave or while you're gone, it NEVER fails. I take my laptop with me on every vacation, last year in one week I wrote 3 contracts while on vacation.

The idea is that, coincidentally, new leads often appear when you're out of town on vacation and unable to act on them immediately. While this advice may not be a foolproof strategy, it serves as a light-hearted reminder that sometimes opportunities present themselves when we least expect them.

Kamille Morton's Tip: Target Expired Listings

Kamille suggests focusing on expired listings, both recent and older. She advises:

Print off the MLS report sheet. And circle with a red marker, the picture, the price or expiration dates (ours is in the same place) and the description or features (whichever has fewer notes). Write a sticky note that says ‘I know why your home didn’t sell. Give me a call. Your name and number. Mail them out. Do a bunch at a time.

By sending a personalized message to homeowners, agents can build a rapport with potential clients and demonstrate their expertise in marketing and pricing.

Ericka Walker's Idea: Leverage Your Network

Ericka recommends reaching out to friends and acquaintances on Facebook, letting them know about your real estate services and asking for referrals. She shares her approach:

I messaged all my FB friends and told them I was an agent and would love to help them or their referrals.

This approach can help build a strong network of potential clients.

Brian Thomas Southworth's Suggestion: Join a Team or Become a Referral Partner

Brian proposes joining a real estate team or becoming a referral partner under a Zillow Premier Agent. He suggests:

Join a team. Or become a referral partner under someone as a Zillow Premier Agent so all you have to do is pay them the referral.

This option allows agents to benefit from the support and leads provided by an established team or partnership, improving their chances of success.

The Real Estate Mastermind Facebook group exemplifies the power of community in helping agents overcome challenges and find success. The responses to the anonymous post provide a range of strategies that can be employed by any agent in need of a boost. Ultimately, the key to success in real estate lies in persistence, creativity, and leveraging the support of a strong professional network.

What's your go-to strategy to land a closing in a pinch? Share a comment below or share with a colleague in an upcoming CE Class!


Anonymous. "Okay guys give it to me. I need a closing..." Real Estate Mastermind Facebook Group, 28 April 2023.

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