Post Licensing vs. Continuing Education

What are the distinctions between Post Licensing and Continuing Education (CE)? Does completing one affect the other? Who is responsible for completing these courses and when are they due?

Post Licensing Education

NCREC Rules: 58A.1901-.1905 and 58H.0101-.0415

Points to Remember:

The Post Licensing program consists of three 30-hour sessions that total 90 hours.

Post Licensing Courses:

· Post 301: Broker Relationships & Responsibilities

· Post 302: Contracts and Closing

· Post 303: NC Laws, Rules, and Legal Concepts

Note: These courses can be taken in any order.

Provisional brokers (PBs) must complete all three PL courses within 18 months of licensure to remain on or be eligible for active license status.

A PB's license is placed on inactive status if they do not finish all three PL courses within 18 months of licensure. The PB must finish all three courses within two years to be eligible for active status.

After two years, PL courses expire. As a result, if a PB does not finish all three PL courses within two years, the courses will expire and must be retaken.

No Post Licensing Credit is awarded for completing CE classes.

Continuing Education (CE)

NCREC Rules: 58A.1701-.1712 and 58H.0101-.0415