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What to do When You Finish Your Real Estate Pre Licensing Class

Congratulations on finishing your Skyline NC Broker Pre-Licensing Course!

Please click here to begin your application to the Real Estate Commission for Initial licensure. You must complete this application before applying to take your State and National Test at PSI. If you have not already started your background check, please click here to begin that process. You must complete your background check before applying for a license.

PSI is experiencing long wait times due to COVID-19 so we recommend that you complete this application and schedule your exam as soon as possible. The sooner you take your exam after the completion of your course, the better you will perform! You can take your licensing exam at a PSI Testing Center or at home Virtually Proctored by PSI. Click here for more details about the two ways to take your test and how to sign up. Recommended Licensing Exam Preparation Resources

  1. North Carolina Real Estate Today E-Text: This E-Text contains excellent practice questions/exams and flashcards. It also does a good job of highlighting material that is likely to be tested. This is the digital version of the textbook that we use for our Live Online Classes.

  2. Real Estate Prelicense Math Workbook: This book contains a step-by-step guide for the most common math problems on the exam and plenty of practice problems.

  3. Free Tutoring Sessions: Get your questions answered at one of our weekly Free Tutoring Sessions!

  4. Licensing Exam Review Powerpoint: This is a PowerPoint that will help you schedule your exam, give you information about what to expect on the licensing exam, and how to pass it!

Licensing Exam Review
Download PDF • 820KB

All of the Information that you need to complete the application can be found on your certificate. If you need to download a copy of your certificate at a later date please do so using our Certificate Portal at

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