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Live Online + Self Paced


Will I get the same credit with the NC Real Estate Commission if I take a Self Paced Class instead of a Live Online Class?

Yes! The real estate commission now accepts self paced courses for Pre Licensing, Post Licensing, and Continuing Education Classes.

Why is there a price difference between Self Paced and Live Online Classes? Is one better than the other?

No! All our courses, whether Self Paced or Live Online, will teach you the exact same information and prepare you equally as well for the Licensing Exam (if taking a Pre Licensing class). Price differences are due to different market demand and expenses associated with each type of course. 

What if I have questions and I'm in a Self Paced Course?

At Skyline, self paced doesn't mean on your own. We offer Weekly Free Tutoring Sessions for Skyline Students that you are welcome to attend and get all your questions answered by one of our highly rated instructors.

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