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Disney's Magical Real Estate Venture in North Carolina

Disney's latest project, 'Storyliving by Disney', is set to bring a touch of magic to North Carolina's real estate market.

The development, named Asteria, will be located in the Chatham County seat, Pittsboro, and is part of the expansive Chatham Park. With an ambitious plan to build a 1,500 residential community, home sales are expected to commence by 2027​​.

Asteria, derived from the Greek goddess whose tears of stardust gave birth to aster flowers, reflects Disney's commitment to blending storytelling with living spaces. This theme resonates through the project's nature-friendly features, including walking trails, parks, and greenspace​​.

Market Insights and Pricing

While specific pricing for Asteria is not yet disclosed, Chatham Park homes start around $300,000. For context, Disney's similar project in California, Cortino, has homes priced between the upper $1 millions and lower $2 millions​​.

Unique Selling Points for Real Estate Agents

Agents should highlight the exclusive amenities, including wellness centers, sports courts, and Disney-themed activities. The diversity of housing options, including 55+ adult-specific areas, single-family, and multifamily homes, broadens the market appeal​​.

Preparation Strategies for Agents

  1. Understand the Brand: Familiarize yourself with Disney's branding and the unique appeal of Storyliving to effectively communicate the lifestyle offered by Asteria.

  2. Target Market Identification: Identify potential buyers interested in unique, themed living experiences. Focus on families, Disney enthusiasts, and retirees for the 55+ sections, but make sure your marketing is inclusive and does not violate any Fair Housing Laws.

  3. Networking and Partnerships: Establish connections with local builders involved in the project and stay updated on development progress and pricing.

  4. Marketing Materials: Develop brochures and digital content that showcase Asteria's unique features, emphasizing the Disney lifestyle and community amenities.

  5. Education and Training: Attend seminars or webinars about branded residential communities to understand the nuances of selling such properties.

  6. Client Engagement: Organize informational sessions for clients to present the unique aspects of Asteria and address questions.

  7. Community Involvement: Engage with the local community in Chatham County to understand the area's dynamics and foster relationships with potential buyers.

  8. Digital Presence: Utilize social media and online platforms to create excitement and anticipation about the project, targeting broader audiences.

By focusing on these strategies, real estate agents can position themselves effectively to capitalize on the unique opportunity presented by Disney's Asteria community in North Carolina.

How do you plan to sell this community to your clients? Or do you think it will sell itself? Let us know in the comments or discuss with a colleague in an upcoming CE Class!


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