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NC General Contractor CE Requirements

Autumn in North Carolina heralds the imminent arrival of shorter days, a definite chill in the air, crimson and gold leaves crunching underfoot… and the deadline for completion of the continuing education hours required of licensed general contractors.

Let’s go through the requirements set forth by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, upcoming deadlines and fees, and how Skyline School is here to help you keep your license active and current!

Continuing Education Requirements

First and foremost, the NCLBGC requires that you complete a certain number of education hours by November 30th of each year. These requirements consist of:

Eight (8) total hours of continuing education courses:

  • A two (2) hour mandatory updates course, and

  • Six (6) total hours of elective courses.

Good news, you can complete this requirement entirely through Skyline School! In addition to our elective course offerings, we offer the mandatory update class in partnership with our Distance Education Partner, NCGC Training. All of our course offerings are held entirely online, so there is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to be in a classroom. Mandatory update classes and elective courses are held in a self-paced format that allows you to complete them as quickly as your schedule will allow. Courses must be completed within 30-days of purchase and registration, or by November 30th, whichever is sooner. Once you have completed and passed your courses, we will automatically and directly notify the NCLBGC of your successful completion.

What if you miss the deadline?

What happens if you aren’t able to complete your continuing education hours by November 30th? The NCLBGC understands that life happens, and circumstances may arise that prevent you from being able to successfully complete your courses by the deadline. Such being the case, there is a grace period of 90-days after November 30th. During this grace period you will need to complete any missing credit hours as soon as possible. An important consideration and incentive to not procrastinate, it is important to remember that the NCLBGC has a mandatory blackout period for the entire month of December. No schools are permitted to offer general contractor continuing education courses during this time. Such being the case, the grace period when you may actually complete your course hours is reduced to only 60-days. If you plan to complete your hours during the grace period, make sure to keep this blackout period in mind.

License Renewal

If your license will become inactive due to lacking continuing education hours, you are still required to submit a renewal application by January 1st of each year to be eligible for activation. Renewal applications are available online through the NCLBGC website. There is a 60-day grace period following the January 1st deadline, and if a license is not renewed in this time it will be considered inactive, and you will be unable to legally take bids for contracts. When submitting your renewal application you will also be required to pay your renewal fee for your particular license limitation. License limitations and their associated renewal application fees are as follows:

  • Limited license - $75.00

  • Intermediate license - $100.00

  • Unlimited license - $125.00

    • Please note: A $10.00 late fee will be applied for each month if a renewal application is not received by the January 1st deadline.

Don’t “fall” behind! Skyline School is here to help make sure your continuing education requirements are met by November 30th. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Get started today!

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