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North Carolina Ranked No. 1 for Business

For the first time ever, the great state of North Carolina has ranked No. 1 for business in CNBC’s annual report of state competitiveness.

Since the inception of the ranking in the early 2000s, NC has always been highly ranked, but many think that the deal with VinFast to put a $2 Billion dollar electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Chatham Park is what finally pushed us to the top of the list. Our state’s leaders have continually demonstrated that they are able to put partisanship aside and work together to build one of the strongest economies in the United States.

Opportunities for Agents

Businesses both large and small are choosing to call North Carolina home. This presents a major opportunity for agents to also benefit from this economic expansion. Not only are many businesses transitioning from remote work back to an in-person office setting, but even those that are not are finding it preferable for their employees to reside in North Carolina, for payroll tax reasons. This means a sizable and steady migration of people is moving to the Tar Heel state!

Generating Business Leads

There are many opportunities for agents to generate business leads in their local communities. Here are just a few:

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Mingling with the business owners in your area is a great way to be top of mind when they, or their employees, have a real estate need. This is a great way to capture both residential and commercial potential leads!

  • Reach out to the Human Resources Department of your local businesses. HR is often the first point of contact for someone that may be relocating to NC for their new job. Many HR managers would be happy to have the name of a local agent to recommend. This is a great way to get residential leads, and even a referral if they need to sell their current home.

  • Door Knock Neighborhoods around Incoming Businesses. While some may not mind living near an electric vehicle plant, others may see it as a sign to move. You’d be surprised how many homeowners have no idea what’s going on just one street over. If door-knocking isn’t for you, try mailers. While you’re at it, send some mailers to the owners of any commercial buildings near the new business. The prospect of the new business may increase the value of their property significantly, and who better to sell it for them than you?

How do you generate business leads? Share with a colleague in an upcoming CE class or comment below!


Cohn, Scott. “By Putting Partisanship aside, North Carolina Ranks No. 1 in America's Top States for Business, with the Nation's Strongest Economy.” CNBC, CNBC, 13 July 2022

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